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Delhi Food Vendors To Undergo Health And Safety Training

If one of the main reasons you are keen to book your tickets and India tourist visa and travel to the south Asian country is to sample its authentic cuisine, you will be happy to hear that it is perfectly safe to eat local food from street vendors in Delhi.

That is, it will be after the Delhi government starts its programme of training 23,000 street vendors in food hygiene, according to NDTV.

The Drug Control and Food Safety Department plans on issuing advice on how to store food, handle produce and maintain hygiene while selling delicious curries, chapattis, pastries and rice on street stalls.

A senior government official was quoted as saying: “The department has undertaken the training and education of 23,000 street food vendors to ensure clean, wholesome and unadulterated food for the public.”

To ensure the sellers have picked up some valuable skills, they will be judged on their performance and will have to undergo a test. Once they pass, they will be issued with a certificate and skill card, helping tourists to determine which vendor has had full training and which have not.

One of the best things about travelling is discovering the different tastes of each region, and in India the flavours can vary greatly wherever you go. What’s more, some of the best places to try traditional cuisines are on the street, where vendors serve the most delicious local dishes at low prices.

With this certificate system rolling out in Delhi – initially for 18,000 vendors – this could help tourists really enjoy the best in local food without being worried they might get ill due to possible poor hygiene practices.

3 New UNESCO Sites Designated In India

Looking for new places to visit on holiday in India after you've arranged your India tourist visa? Well, look to UNESCO for inspiration this week, as the organisation has just added three places in the country to its World Heritage Sites list.

The 40th session of The World Heritage Committee meeting, held in Istanbul, saw the ruins of Nalanda University in Bihar added to the list, followed by the Khangchendzonga National Park in Sikkim (home to the third highest peak in the world) and Chandigarh's Capitol Complex a few days later.

The National Park, commissioned back in 1977, is certainly an area worth exploring. It has its own glacial system and there are around 18 glaciers to be found here, including the magnificent Zemu Glacier. However, the mountain is one of the biggest attractions in the park so make sure you make time to go and see it if you can.

Animals to be found here include Himalayan black bears, barking deer, blue sheep, golden cats, red pandas and snow leopards so if seeing some of the native flora and fauna is high on your list of things to do while touring around India, the park would be a great choice.

Bear in mind, however, that there are few rules and regulations you'll have to adhere to. For example, you can't play loud music or use speakers, you mustn't trek outside designated nature trails and you must not defile religious or culturally significant sites like lakes, mountains, shrines, caves and rocks.

Where To Catch The Monsoon In India

It's monsoon season in India right about now and all those in the country are no doubt gathering collective sighs of relief as the rains come down and the intense heat eases somewhat. But where's best to go to really get the full monsoon experience after you've sorted out your India e visa? Here are a few of our top picks for India holidaymakers this season.

This beautiful part of India is generally pretty lush and green but it seriously comes alive when the monsoons arrive. Travel between July and September to really get a sense of what the monsoons are actually like.

This city in Rajasthan has so many historic sites to explore you'll be kept pretty busy, but make sure that you make your way to the Monsoon Palace (built to actually keep track of the movement of the clouds during the monsoon). As soon as the rain has stopped, look out across the countryside and really take in the lush greenery and the stunning lakes.

Visit Dudhsagar Falls during the monsoon and you'll soon see that there's a lot more to Goa than those famous beaches. Between June and September, Dudhsagar is simply stunning and you'll also get to go on a beautiful walk through verdant green forests. Make sure you go for a swim before you head back home again!

Munnar, Kerala
If you love your tea, this is a great place to visit and you really will find the stunning green tea plantations truly impressive indeed. What's great is that tourists don't often visit this part of the country during the monsoon, so you'll have it all to yourself. Just remember your brolly!


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